Learn Shiny

The video and written tutorials on this page are primarily designed for users who are new to Shiny and want a guided introduction.

If you use Shiny on a regular basis, you may want to skip these tutorials and visit the articles section where we cover individual Shiny topics at a more advanced level.


Banner art for the Building Web Applications with Shiny tutorial

Building Web Applications with Shiny is comprised of four modules, will take you through the basics of Shiny, reactive programming, and building a user interface.


How to Start Shiny tutorial

The How to Start Shiny video series will take you from R programmer to Shiny developer. Watch the complete tutorial, or jump to a specific chapter by clicking a link below. The entire tutorial is two hours and 25 minutes long. Download the slides and exercises here.

Part 1 - How to build a Shiny app

  1. Introduction
  2. R
  3. App architecture
  4. App template
  5. Inputs and outputs
  6. The server function
  7. Sharing apps
  8. Shinyapps.io
  9. Shiny servers
  10. Recap - Part 1

Part 2 - How to customize reactions

  1. Introduction
  2. Review of Part 1
  3. Reactivity
  4. Reactive values
  5. Reactive functions
  6. render*()
  7. reactive()
  8. isolate()
  9. observeEvent()
  10. eventReactive()
  11. reactiveValues()
  12. Recap - Part 2
  13. Parting tips

Part 3 - How to customize appearance

  1. Introduction
  2. Review of Parts 1 and 2
  3. HTML UI
  4. Adding static content
  5. Building layouts
  6. Panels and tabsets
  7. Prepackaged layouts
  8. CSS
  9. Recap - Part 3

Videos from rstudio::conf and webinars

In addition to the three part video tutorial above, we especially recommended that those new to Shiny review the following videos:

In addition, videos for many Shiny related talks and webinars can be found at resources.rstudio.com.


Mastering Shiny

Cover of the book Mastering Shiny Mastering Shiny, by Hadley Wickham, is designed to take you from knowing nothing about Shiny to being an expert developer who can write large complex apps that are still maintainable and performant. With this book, you'll gain a deep understanding of the reactive programming model that underlies Shiny, as well as building a tool box of useful techniques to solve common app challenges.

Shiny in seven lessons

If you prefer a written tutorial over video, this is the right place for you. However note that the video tutorial contains more advanced content than what the written tutorial covers.

This seven lesson tutorial will teach you the basics of Shiny in a self-paced format. Each lesson takes about 20 minutes and teaches one new Shiny skill. By the end of the lessons, you will know how to build and deploy a Shiny app.

R powered web applications with Shiny

Zev Ross has created a very thorough online introduction to Shiny tutorial with over 40 example apps. You can find the tutorial here.

Other resources

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Not sure where to get started?

You will get the most out of these tutorials if you already know how to program in R, but not Shiny.

If R is new to you, you may want to check out the learning resources at www.rstudio.com/training before taking one of these tutorials. If you are not sure whether you are ready for Shiny, try our quiz.