Modify tag contents

tagAppendChild(tag, child, .cssSelector = NULL)

tagAppendChildren(tag, ..., .cssSelector = NULL, list = NULL)

tagSetChildren(tag, ..., .cssSelector = NULL, list = NULL)

tagInsertChildren(tag, after, ..., .cssSelector = NULL, list = NULL)



a tag object.


A child element to append to a parent tag.


A character string containing a CSS selector for targeting particular (inner) tags of interest. At the moment, only a combination of type (e.g, div), class (e.g., .my-class), id (e.g., #myID), and universal (*) selectors within a given simple selector is supported. Note, if .cssSelector is used, the returned tags will have their $children fields flattened to a single list() via tagQuery().


a collection of child elements.


Deprecated. Use !!! instead to splice into ....


an integer value (i.e., subscript) referring to the child position to append after.


Modify the contents (aka children) of a tag object.

See also


html <- div(a(), h1())
tagAppendChild(html, span())
tagAppendChild(html, .cssSelector = "a", span())

tagAppendChildren(html, span(), p())
tagAppendChildren(html, .cssSelector = "a", span(), p())

tagSetChildren(html, span(), p())

tagInsertChildren(html, after = 1, span(), p())