Validate proper CSS formatting of a unit



x The unit to validate. Will be treated as a number of pixels if a unit is not specified.


A properly formatted CSS unit of length, if possible. Otherwise, will throw an error.


Checks that the argument is valid for use as a CSS unit of length.


NULL and NA are returned unchanged.

Single element numeric vectors are returned as a character vector with the number plus a suffix of "px".

Single element character vectors must be "auto" or "inherit", or a number. If the number has a suffix, it must be valid: px, %, em, pt, in, cm, mm, ex, or pc. If the number has no suffix, the suffix "px" is appended.

Any other value will cause an error to be thrown.


[1] "10%"
validateCssUnit(400) #treated as '400px'
[1] "400px"