Run a Shiny application from

runGist(gist, port = NULL, launch.browser = getOption("shiny.launch.browser", interactive()))


gist The identifier of the gist. For example, if the gist is, then 3239667, '3239667', and '' are all valid values.
port The TCP port that the application should listen on. Defaults to choosing a random port.
launch.browser If true, the system's default web browser will be launched automatically after the app is started. Defaults to true in interactive sessions only.

Run a Shiny application from


Download and launch a Shiny application that is hosted on GitHub as a gist.


## <strong>Not run</strong>: # runGist(3239667) # runGist("") # # # Old URL format without username # runGist("") # ## <strong>End(Not run)</strong>