Run a Shiny application from a GitHub repository

runGitHub(repo, username = getOption("github.user"), ref = "master", subdir = NULL, port = NULL, launch.browser = getOption("shiny.launch.browser", interactive()))


repo Name of the repository
username GitHub username
ref Desired git reference. Could be a commit, tag, or branch name. Defaults to "master".
subdir A subdirectory in the repository that contains the app. By default, this function will run an app from the top level of the repo, but you can use a path such as `"inst/shinyapp".
port The TCP port that the application should listen on. Defaults to choosing a random port.
launch.browser If true, the system's default web browser will be launched automatically after the app is started. Defaults to true in interactive sessions only.

Run a Shiny application from a GitHub repository


Download and launch a Shiny application that is hosted in a GitHub repository.


## <strong>Not run</strong>: # runGitHub("shiny_example", "rstudio") # # # Can run an app from a subdirectory in the repo # runGitHub("shiny_example", "rstudio", subdir = "inst/shinyapp/") # ## <strong>End(Not run)</strong>