File Downloads

downloadHandler(filename, content, contentType = NA)


filename A string of the filename, including extension, that the user's web browser should default to when downloading the file; or a function that returns such a string. (Reactive values and functions may be used from this function.)
content A function that takes a single argument file that is a file path (string) of a nonexistent temp file, and writes the content to that file path. (Reactive values and functions may be used from this function.)
contentType A string of the download's content type, for example "text/csv" or "image/png". If NULL or NA, the content type will be guessed based on the filename extension, or application/octet-stream if the extension is unknown.

File Downloads


Allows content from the Shiny application to be made available to the user as file downloads (for example, downloading the currently visible data as a CSV file). Both filename and contents can be calculated dynamically at the time the user initiates the download. Assign the return value to a slot on output in your server function, and in the UI use downloadButton or downloadLink to make the download available.


## <strong>Not run</strong>: # # In server.R: # output$downloadData <- downloadHandler( # filename = function() { # paste('data-', Sys.Date(), '.csv', sep='') # }, # content = function(file) { # write.csv(data, file) # } # ) # # # In ui.R: # downloadLink('downloadData', 'Download') # ## <strong>End(Not run)</strong>