App Stories

Welcome to the Shiny App Stories! The goal of these posts is to demonstrate new and advanced features in the context of real-world applications. Each application is accompanied by one or more posts detailing the functionality and design decisions used in its construction. These posts serve to tell the little stories of developing nice looking and performant Shiny applications. The techniques here tend to be advanced, so if you're brand-new to Shiny, we recommend starting with the articles section.

Weather Lookup

Lookup average temperature and precipitiation for US cities by querying NOAA temperature normals API.
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About the app

Functionality and architecture overview of the Weather Lookup app.

Using bindCache() to speed up an app

Here we demonstrate how the bindCache() function can greatly speed up a Shiny app with little effort.

Custom and dynamic styles using bslib

The bslib package allows for extremely easy customization of your Shiny app's style using the bootstrap css framework. It also allows you to update theming in a running app to create dynamicly styled apps.