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Upgrade notes for Shiny 0.14.2

This is a maintenance release of Shiny, with some bug fixes and minor new features.

Full changelog

Minor new features and improvements

  • Added a fade argument to modalDialog() – setting it to FALSE will remove the usual fade-in animation for that modal window. (#1414)

  • Fixed a “duplicate binding” error that occurred in some edge cases involving insertUI and nested uiOutput. (#1402)

  • Fixed #1422: When using the shiny.trace option, allow specifying to only log SEND or RECV messages, or both. (PR #1428)

  • Fixed #1419: Allow overriding a JS custom message handler. (PR #1445)

  • Added exportTestValues() function, which allows a test driver to query the session for values internal to an application’s server function. This only has an effect if the shiny.testmode option is set to TRUE. (#1436)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed #1427: make sure that modals do not close incorrectly when an element inside them is triggered as hidden. (#1430)

  • Fixed #1404: stack trace tests were not compatible with the byte-code compiler in R-devel, which now tracks source references.

  • sliderInputBinding.setValue() now sends a slider’s value immediately, instead of waiting for the usual 250ms debounce delay. (#1429)

  • Fixed a bug where, in versions of R before 3.2, Shiny applications could crash due to a bug in R’s implementation of list2env(). (#1446)

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