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Using sliders

Sliders Screenshot

The Sliders application demonstrates the many capabilities of slider controls, including the ability to run an animation sequence. To run the example locally type:


Customizing Sliders

Shiny slider controls are extremely capable and customizable. Features supported include:

  • The ability to input both single values and ranges
  • Custom formats for value display (e.g for currency)
  • The ability to animate the slider across a range of values

Slider controls are created by calling the sliderInput function. The ui.R file demonstrates using sliders with a variety of options:



# Define UI for slider demo application

  #  Application title

  # Sidebar with sliders that demonstrate various available options
    # Simple integer interval
    sliderInput("integer", "Integer:", 
                min=0, max=1000, value=500),

    # Decimal interval with step value
    sliderInput("decimal", "Decimal:", 
                min = 0, max = 1, value = 0.5, step= 0.1),

    # Specification of range within an interval
    sliderInput("range", "Range:",
                min = 1, max = 1000, value = c(200,500)),

    # Provide a custom currency format for value display, with basic animation
    sliderInput("format", "Custom Format:", 
                min = 0, max = 10000, value = 0, step = 2500,
                format="$#,##0", locale="us", animate=TRUE),

    # Animation with custom interval (in ms) to control speed, plus looping
    sliderInput("animation", "Looping Animation:", 1, 2000, 1, step = 10, 
                animate=animationOptions(interval=300, loop=T))

  # Show a table summarizing the values entered

Server Script

The server side of the Slider application is very straightforward: it creates a data frame containing all of the input values and then renders it as an HTML table:



# Define server logic for slider examples
shinyServer(function(input, output) {

  # Reactive expression to compose a data frame containing all of the values
  sliderValues <- reactive({

    # Compose data frame
      Name = c("Integer", 
               "Custom Format",
      Value = as.character(c(input$integer, 
                             paste(input$range, collapse=' '),

  # Show the values using an HTML table
  output$values <- renderTable({

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