After you get your Shiny application to a state where it works, it’s often useful to have an automated system that checks that it continues to work as expected. There are many possible reasons for an application to stop working. These reasons include:

  • An ugpraded R package has different behavior. (This could include Shiny itself!)
  • You make modifications to your application.
  • An external data source stops working, or returns data in a changed format.

One way to detect these problems is with manual testing – in other words, by having a person interact with the app in a browser – but this can be time-intensive, inconsistent, and imprecise. Having automated tests can alert you to these kinds of problems quickly and with almost zero effort, after the tests have been created.

The shinytest package provides tools for creating and running automated tests on Shiny applications.

To find out more about this package, see the package getting started guide.

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