Shiny by RStudio


The basics

If you've been through the tutorial and need a refresher, these articles are a good place to start. They describe the lay of the land.

Extend Shiny

These packages provide advanced features that can enhance your Shiny apps.

Layouts and UI

These articles explain how to control the layout, user-interface, and general appearance of your Shiny apps.

Deploying apps

These articles describe the different ways to share your Shiny apps with users.

Interactive documents

These articles explain how to add Shiny components to R Markdown reports.


These articles explain how to use Shiny to generate downloadable reports.

Bookmarking state

These articles explain how to use bookmarking with your Shiny apps.


These articles describe Shiny's pre-built widgets and provide ideas on how to use them. (See also Lesson 3 in the tutorial, and the Widgets section in the gallery.)


These articles show you how to create and use different output objects, the parts of your app that display results and react to user input.

Reactive programming

These articles describe reactivity from a conceptual level. Understanding reactivity will help you build apps that are more efficient, robust, and correct.

Best practices

These articles contain ideas that can improve your Shiny workflow and help you create faster, more efficient apps.

Customizing Shiny

These articles suggest ways to create custom Shiny widgets, layouts and outputs; or to combine Shiny with other web technologies.

Shiny Server Pro

Here are some of the unique things you can do when you deploy your apps with Shiny Server Pro.

Interactive plots

Create interactive plots with base and ggplot2 graphics--no JavaScript required!

Shiny Gadgets

You can use Shiny to make your own interactive tools that streamline your data analysis workflow.


Integrate a relational database with your Shiny app. These features are experimental and currently only available through the latest development version of both Shiny and pool (from Github).

Upgrade notes

Notes for upgrading to particular versions of Shiny


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